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Each Package Customized to fit your needs and get you going on the Internet

How much will a Web Site Cost ?

Big question....    Simple answer:    It Depends....

The things you have to consider are:

  1. How many Pages?
  2. E-Commerce issues? (i.e shopping carts - this involves extra programming)
  3. Any Java for extra functionality? (More programming)
  4. Images (a biggie) - web ready image files, or do all the image work from scratch (extremely time consuming).
  5. Layout (did it or have to do it - again - time).

Plus a few extras.

These Packages help keep it simple!

Package A...Personal & Family Package
Package B...Basic Package
Package C...Small Business Package
Package D...Standard Business Package
Web Site Maintenance And Consulting
Web Site ReDesign

We realize that your needs may not fit the packages exactly so we are always willing to work with you on customizing to your requirements.

Thank You for your time and consideration !

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